"SimpleOrder is easy-to-use, even if you're not tech savvy. It's simplified the way we organize our restaurant...it keeps us all on the same page"

Edwin Del Rosa , Head of Operations | Home Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

"SimpleOrder has made communication with our vendors easier. Communication within staff has been more streamlined and simplified when it comes to placing orders."

Luna's Living Kitchen | Charlotte, NC

Taylor St. Baristas

“It was easy for our whole team to learn and has reduced administration time significantly. Simple Order has helped us not only manage purchase

costs, but also manage our internal accounting across the whole chain”

Peggah Kamali, Operations Manager, The Taylor St Barista Chain | London, England

Zumapoke and Lush Ice

"SimpleOrder makes food costing and all that goes along with it (ordering, yields, recipes, inventory,

waste etc.) easy and effective. It's been a big time saver for our organization and the out of the box integration with programs like Square & Quickbooks has been invaluable in improving our accounting and process. SimpleOrder's support is some of the best I have ever encountered with any software and just re-enforced our happiness with the decision to start using the software in the first place."

Dustin Ryen, Co. Owner Zumapoke and Lush Ice | Davis, Ca

Sticky Fingers Bakery

"Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats uses Simple Order to ensure that we are costing our products accurately and consistently, and using up-to date

vendor ingredient lists in order to provide our customers with the best possible prices and highest quality ingredients. Simple Order offers us a platform to maintain, update, track, and monitor our vendor lists and ingredient costs to keep overhead at a minimum.”

Jenn Lewis, General Manager of Sticky Fingers Bakery | Washington, DC


"SimpleOrder is an excellent tool for communicating with my clients. I can update catalogs, prices, publish reports and keep

everyone updated. It saves me time, money and a lot of hassle. Clients are happy too, in fact it’s even bringing me new business. SimpleOrder encourage customer engagement with an ‘editable’ live order suggestion requiring a simple one click customer confirmation Let your sales agents focus on sales and not on taking orders."

Doron Bennett, CEO Fandango Restaurant Kitchen Supplier | Tel Aviv, IL

Fort Taco

"We are a new a fast growing concept. We were in need of centralizing all ordering for both internal and external. We also needed a software to track

spend and the cost of recipes. With the goal of going national we definitely needed scalability. Simple Order has truly been what we were looking for to accomplish our goals. Great operators know where they are at and where they are going. Simple Order is a huge tool that moves us closer to what we want to become."

Tyson Martinez, Co-Owner of Fort Taco | Brentwood, MO

Temptations Cafe

"We save between 3-4 hours per week using SimpleOrder. The key benefit of SimpleOrder is that

it really is Simple, it's a very easy product to use."

Graham Harris, Owner of Temptations Cafe | London, England

Latitude Blue

“We have been working on simpleorder for several months to set up our restaurant for inventory purposes. We completed this a few weeks ago and

are fine tuning everything, but already we have found bar losses over $300 just for a four day period, and that is just on beer and water counts. We expect to be reaping the benefits of this immediately and substantially. Thanks!”

Michael Holly, Owner of Latitude Blue | Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Smoking Goat

“SO is very end user friendly and has been key in helping us produce accurate weekly financial information so we can measure and manage the

gap between our theoretical and actual margins. We use SO to understand and manage cost prices, support stock management, inform our RSPs. It’s been great working with SO as they have listened to all of our feedback and they therefore continue to make the site better and better Thanks!”

Brian Hannon, Manager Smoking Goat | London, England

Kama Bistro

"SimpleOrder helps me save time by allowing my employees to take charge of

all purchasing giving me the ability to be on top of pricing and monthly spend."

Vikram Singh, Owner & Chef of Kama Bistro | La Grange, IL

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