About Us

SimpleOrder by Upserve was founded “way back” in 2012 by restaurant industry veterans in order to shed light on restaurant Back of House operations, so that chefs, managers, and owners can rightfully focus their energies on the food, their staff and their guests.  In the past, the relationship between restaurant and vendor was managed by phone or fax, end-of-month accounting and sales were tallied manually and sent to accounting systems, leaving chefs and managers in the dark regarding their real inventory levels and having to steal hours away from restaurant operations for ordering, costing and paperwork.

Realizing that inaccurate inventory management has become a major achilles heel of restaurants, SimpleOrder has focused on creating a bottom-up automated inventory system, so that for the first time, restaurants can have real time inventory counts and resolve issues in leakage and wastage before they become major problems, while simultaneously streamlining their ordering and replenishment process.

SimpleOrder was acquired by Upserve in 2018 and is currently reducing waste, cutting costs and streamlining operations in over 2,500 restaurant kitchens in 25 countries. Do your Back of House a favor, try SimpleOrder today.