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Unify Multiple Locations on One Easy to Use Platform

Running multiple locations is a complex operation. SimpleOrder ensures unity across your chain, order in your central kitchen and maximizes the benefits of group purchasing – making sure you optimize your purchasing power.
SimpleOrder helps you control the day-to-day operations of your group by placing all the right tools and information in the palm of your hand – saving your business money, time and countless hours of paperwork.

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Graham Harris, Temptations Chain, London

“After just 2 weeks everything was running perfectly smoothly.

“The managers know what they’re spending before they’ve spent it, which means they can control it. We save a significant amount of money – about 5% – on our margin because of SimpleOrder”

Our Customers Love SimpleOrder!

Here are just a few of the chains that use SimpleOrder to control their operations.

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Consolidation & Control

SimpleOrder makes it easier to ensure unity across all your branches.

Be a GateKeeper of Supplies & Suppliers:
Ensure your branches only deal with suppliers you have authorized, purchase only supplies that are approved and pay only the prices you have negotiated – giving you the power to meet your volume target more easily.

Supervise Orders in Real-Time:
Review all purchase orders issued by all branches in real-time from all their suppliers, making sure branches do not exceed approved limits/budgets .

Menu Unity Across your Chain:
Make sure the menu items prepared by all the branches are unified in cost and ingredients. Need to make a change to your company’s menu? Not a problem! With SimpleOrder changing your menu for supply, seasonal or financial reasons has never been simpler.

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Data Obsessed

The power of SimpleOrder’s platform provides you with a united, bird’s-eye view of your entire operations, allowing you to always be in the know. Use SimpleOrder’s innovative analytics to keep track of your branches’ operational cost and meeting their targets.

  • Real-time chain/branch analytics are always up-to-date.
  • Get daily, monthly and quarterly comparisons for valuable insights.
  • Keep track of supplier price fluctuations.

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Central Kitchen

With SimpleOrder’s Central Kitchen commissary account, the connection between your branches and central kitchen moves online, creating a truly fluent operation that ensures that your branches get the supplies they need when they need them and gives you the ability to plan ahead. Our Central Kitchen account allows you to manage purchasing and fulfilment for not only your branches, but also external 3rd-party customers looking to sell your goods.

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Real-time cost control, reports, Stats and BI


Inventory management and control


Orders, credits and returns from all suppliers


Real time menu costing


Easily connect with your accounting system and POS

Point of Sale

Central Kitchen (Commissary) solution

Mobile Apps

Mobile and tablet competible

Low Cost

Low cost – SaaS service. No installation fees

SimpleOrder Has All The Features Your Chain Needs!

SimpleOrder’s features were created to help optimize operations and cut unnecessary costs. Some of these incredible features are the following:

navy blue shopping cart. instantly purchase from your supplier.

Authorized Suppliers

Set The Chain Authorized Suppliers

yellow dollar sign in a circle

Authorized Prices

Fix Supply Prices For All Your Branches

two gears, the symbol for settings

Authorized Varieties

Fix The Supply Each Branch May Order

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Real-Time Food & Menu Costing For The Chain

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A Birds Eye View Of All Your Branches

green kitchen stove with cabinets. explaining SimpleOrder's central kitchen feature.

Central Kitchen

Connect Your Branches With Your Central Kitchen

red iphone and ipad. SimpleOrder has a mobile app for android & iOS.

Mobile / Tablet

Mobile and Tablet Compatible

blue electrical plug. Connect your POS, ERP or Accounting System with SimpleOrder.


Connect With Major POS & Accounting Systems

SimpleOrder Integrates with Major Accounting Systems!

With SimpleOrder’s integrated solution you can export all your orders to your accounting system with a single click of a button, ensuring you never have to retype an order again. SimpleOrder also integrates with your POS system for real-time inventory management.

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