Sweetberry Bowls

“SimpleOrder has made it possible for us reduce costs at store level and for the overall company. It’s helped us reduce food cost by 5%.”

About Sweetberry Bowls

Desi Saran is a seasoned entrepreneur and restaurateur, leading other restaurants to success, before he founded Sweetberry Bowls in 2017. Saran and his team created the Jersey-based smoothie bowl and salad franchise that provide guests with healthy, eye opening and tasty savory and sweet bowls in a fun and celebratory atmosphere . The concept and business have been a roaring success and within eight months of opening they have already established seven new stores, with plans of many more to come.

The Problem

Since Desi had years of experience running a successful smoothie bar, he knew that that largest expense in this type of restaurant model is food cost. Any imbalance in their food cost would be a major detriment to their business. Therefore, Desi and his team needed a tool that would track their food cost closely, so that they could reduce those costs by making smart menu engineering and purchasing decisions. “Food prices change so frequently that trying to cost menu and stay in your margins is like solving a puzzle and unless you have unlimited time, there is no way to solve that puzzle without a proper tool,” explains Desi.

Coupling the need to track food cost with scaling their business so quickly, it was essential for the Sweetberry Bowls to keep their business as organized and streamlined as possible. “ Things are moving so quickly with our business that we need tools that can help us onboard our management team as fast and efficiently as possible.”

The Solution

Having a platform where they could consistently track the food costs and then analyze those costs through reliable and clear reports, makes it possible for Desi to manage prices, portions and menu design, so that he could consistently balance margins with costs. By doing so, his team has significantly reduced their food cost and his business has grown substantially. “SimpleOrder has made it possible for us reduce costs at store level and for the overall company. It’s helped us reduce food cost by 5%.” says Desi.

With food costs at an ideal rate, Desi can focus on scaling his business and keeping the structure organized and highly functional. “SimpleOrder has been instrumental in scaling our company. It’s easy to onboard the team and managers are consistently using SimpleOrder to purchase inventory, track inventory and track food cost on a day to day.”

Lastly, in an industry that hinges on the relationships with suppliers and the quality of ingredients (especially when serving raw ingredients), SimpleOrder has also been a key feature in maintaining positive and fruitious relationships with suppliers. “Honestly, what impressed me about SimpleOrder when we first started using it is how much our vendors loved it. They think it’s very easy to use and since we’ve used SO, we have never encountered a problem ordering from our vendors. The fact that the platform has a tracking system where the restaurant gets notified, eliminates any ordering mistakes and we’ve never had an order get lost.”

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