“SimpleOrder has helped us increase our gross profit by 4% since we began using it. It has literally transformed our business

About Coffeeangel

Coffeeangel is a one of the most popular specialty coffee shops in Dublin. Opened in 2011 after owner Karl Purdy ran a successful coffee business out of a van by the beach, Coffeeangel’s mission is to grow a sustainable business by providing customers with high quality coffee and food with exceptional customer service. Coffeeangel has since expanded to five locations throughout Dublin and continues to grow.

The Problem

After years of experience in the restaurant industry, Karl and his team knew that the way to succeed in the restaurant industry is by combining great Front of House execution with a strong handle on the business side of their cafe. The team made a concerted effort to seek out a platform that would help them with the numbers, logistics and procedures of the cafe. They wanted a platform that would hold inventory data and help determine accurate menu prices. Karl was specifically looking for an overseeing tool to coordinate purchases, inventory, sales and menu prices, so that he would receive all the the data and reports he needs to oversee the operations of the commissary kitchen, the warehouse and each of the branches.

The Solution

“SimpleOrder has helped us increase our gross profit by 4% since we began using it. It has literally transformed our business, I can say that without a doubt,” says Karl. Seamlessly connecting purchasing with menu costing and inventory has provided Coffeeangel several benefits that have helped the chain become one of Dublin’s fastest growing. Menu prices are always correct, waste has decreased substantially, and staff are saving valuable time.  Business reports such as the Sales vs. Purchases give Karl and his team the tools they needs to stay up to date on numbers and to make sure the business is always in the green. With five locations, a commissary kitchen and a warehouse, Coffeeangel has a ton of moving parts. Karl is now able to keep track of every aspect of the business and its day-to-day operations.  “SimpleOrder is like the engine that keeps each part connected and working.”

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