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Restaurant Gratitude List

We know that running a restaurant is not easy! It's a lot a lot of work and that's an understatement, but on this Thanksgiving weekend we wanted to help remind...Read more

What Qualities to Look For In Restaurant Staff

  Hospitality is almost impossible to teach. It's all about hiring the right people. Danny Meyer   So you've posted your job opening, you've contacted potential candidates and you've gone...Read more

What Are the Responsibilities of a Restaurant Busser/Runner

A restaurant busser is an essential member of the restaurant team, because without the assistance of good busser/runner a server wont be able to do their job well, provide attentive...Read more

What Is a Restaurant Site Inspection?

A site inspection  is a limited visual assessment of a location to determine if the infrastructure is capable of supporting a restaurant. When you're looking for property for restaurant development,...Read more

Four Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selecting a Neighborhood for Your Restaurant

The area in which you open your restaurant can make or break your business. Before making such a big decision ask yourself these questions: How safe is this neighborhood? People...Read more

What Are the Responsibilities of a Restaurant Host?

A restaurant host is the first person that diners speak to and/or see when they come to a sit down restaurant, therefore they are the first point of contact for...Read more

What Are the Different Types of Restaurants?

When you're opening a restaurant, one of the first things you want to do is define what type of a restaurant you want to be. By selecting your restaurant type...Read more

5 Crowdfunding Sites that Can Help Your Raise Money for Your Restaurant

 PieShell Started by food veteran Cheryl Clements, PieShell is a crowd sourcing site that is geared toward food related businesses such as restaurants and artisanal food producers. The site launched...Read more

Where to Find Restaurant Staff

We know how hard it can be to find staff for your restaurant, trust us, we've been there! So when it comes time to look for new staff, or hire...Read more

What is Revenue Management?

Revenue management is based on fixed capacity. Fixed capacity is based on sales, which are based predictable demand and perishable inventory. A restaurant can measure their fixed demand by establishing...Read more

Prominent Restaurant Groups

There are tons of restaurant groups all over the world vying for success in this cutthroat industry. However, there are some groups that are killing the game and, whether you’re...Read more

What is Labour Management?

Definition and Explanation Labor management is, quite simply, the relationship and flow between employees and employers in a workspace. There are many aspects that labour management touches on within the...Read more

What Are a Bartender’s Responsibilities?

Prep Stock bar inventory and shelves Prepare tabs Arrange bottle display Set-up bar stools Ensure that the bar is clean Mix ingredients, such as liquor, soda, water, sugar, and bitters,...Read more

Questions Potential Diners Might Like Answered About Your Restaurant

When considering a new restaurant, many potential diners will have basic questions about the establishment before deciding to drive over or make a reservation. It makes good sense for you...Read more

What is Restaurant Overhead Rate?

Your restaurant overhead rate illustrates overhead costs by comparing your businesses indirect costs with the rate of productivity. So let's put this in more simple terms: your indirect costs are:...Read more

What is Current Ratio?

Your current ratio is a figure that you can get by dividing the value of your current assets with the value of your current liabilities. If your current ratio is...Read more

What to Know Before Picking Restaurant Staff Uniforms

8 questions you might want to ask before choosing your restaurant staff uniforms. Is it comfortable? Working in a restaurant is labor intensive and requires a lot of movement, therefore...Read more

What is a Restaurant Marketing Budget?

To get the kind of exposure that your restaurant needs, you'll have to create a restaurant marketing plan. In order to facilitate that plan you can designate a certain amount...Read more

What is a Music License ?

Whenever you hear a song played in a movie, over the radio, or as background music in a restaurant, the music has been licensed. If you are planning to play...Read more

Three Numbers Every Restaurant Manager Should Know

Cost of Goods Sold  What it is:  Your Costs of Goods Sold takes into account the value of your inventory to tell you how much it costs to make a...Read more

What are the Responsibilities of a Restaurant Server?

Opening Duties of a Server  Turning on the lights Clocking in Turning on register or POS system Sweeping the floors Arranging tables and chairs Cleaning table tops Checking dishes, glassware...Read more

What is Food Cost Variance?

Food cost variance is the difference between what you actually pay for your goods and what you expect to pay for your goods. Since transactions happen daily in a restaurant...Read more

What is a Central Kitchen System?

A central kitchen (or commissary kitchen) is an internal facility that supplies a restaurant or branches under the same business.  Some restaurant chains or groups choose not purchase items such...Read more

What is WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit)

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a federal tax credit available to all businesses in the United States that hire from individual target groups that have faced barriers of entry...Read more

What is Michelin Restaurant Rating?

Founded by André and Edouard, car tire manufacturers, in 1900, the Michelin guide was intended to introduce travelers to must stop dining destinations. By  1926 the guide began handing out star...Read more

What is a U.S Small Business 504 Loan?

The U.S Small Business 504 Loan is government funded loan program administered by the Small Business Association, specifically developed for small businesses to acquire fixed assets such as real estate or...Read more

What is Table Turnover Ratio?

Table Turnover Ratio tells you how many times during any given service you are flipping tables - meaning how many times the table becomes occupied by a new party. If...Read more

What is Restaurant Revenue Per Seat?

Restaurant Revenue per seat is a figure in the restaurant business that tells you what is the average spending per seat at your restaurant. To determine what your revenue per...Read more

What are the Key Features for a Restaurant POS System?

If you're running a restaurant, chances are you are using a POS system to perform all of your sales transactions. Although a POS system's most common function is to electronically...Read more

What are Different Eating Styles?

Lately it seems that a new type of diet emerges every week. While the individual reasons driving these diets range from personal health, to animal rights activism, to environmentalism and...Read more

What are Restaurant Search Engines?

Restaurant search websites provide site visitors the ability to search or browse for restaurants by location, type of restaurant, price point and type of cuisine. Usually, these sites provide restaurant...Read more

What is Google+ Business

Google+ Business is the input of information that Google receives when listing your business. Although Google already has each business listen in their results, Google+ Business allows businesses to control...Read more

What is Prime Cost?

Prime cost in a restaurant is the cost of labor and the cost of food and beverage purchases. Unlike fixed costs, prime costs are costs that can be adjusted in order...Read more

Find the Perfect Location for Your Restaurant

Location, location, location, is the age old adage and for good reason. Your restaurant concept depends on the perfect space, but how do we know which space is perfect? Here...Read more

What are Restaurant Health Codes?

Restaurant health codes are a set of rules and regulations that are defined by each state to ensure sanitation and proper cooking methods to avoid food borne illnesses. Every restaurant...Read more

Opening and Closing Checklists for Restaurant Servers

In most restaurants opening and closing checklists are created in order to make sure that all the necessary tasks of getting the restaurant up and running each day and having...Read more

Checklist of Restaurant Checklists

Having a daily restaurant checklist for different sections and roles will keep your restaurant organized, up to date, and efficient. Your staff won't have to play a guessing game about...Read more

Restaurant Handbook Checklist

Your restaurant handbook serves many purposes in your business. It's a guideline for all your restaurants rules, regulations and procedures, it encapsulates your restaurant culture and mission, and it provides...Read more

What are the Front of House Positions in a Restaurant?

Owner: Often times restaurant owners take multiple roles in a restaurant, however most commonly the owner is responsible for setting up the restaurant and creating the brand. The owner takes...Read more

How to Find the Right Location for your Restaurant

Often times when real estate agents discuss property they emphasis it’s value by stressing the importance of location, location, location because a perfect home in the wrong environment is quite...Read more

What is a Restaurant Pitch Deck?

A restaurant pitch deck is a short presentation that a restaurant business creates to show to potential investors. Often times a pitch deck is created through an illustrated presentation system...Read more

What is an Operational Budget?

Your restaurant’s operating budget is the calculation of your restaurant’s expenses and your projected profits. In order to calculate your operating budge,t you need to add up all of your...Read more

Back of House Roles in a Restaurant

The restaurant kitchen works like a well oiled machine. In the kitchen everyone has their own role and each role is important for keeping the kitchen running smoothly. Executive Chef:...Read more

Common Restaurant Business Structures

When you open a restaurant, there are many ways in which you can structure your business. Here is a list of common business structures, so that you can choose what...Read more

What are the Qualities of a Successful Restaurant?

What makes a restaurant succeed? If you look at some of the most successful restaurants in the world, there are some common patterns of quality that are noticeable. Here are some...Read more

Which Taxes do you Need to File for your Restaurant?

For retail businesses around the world January is the time of year where you can begin preparing W-2s and filing and paying business taxes.  Some restaurant tax forms are the same...Read more

Which Restaurant Licenses Do You Need?

In order to function as a restaurant in the United States, you must acquire a set of restaurant licenses to carry out your business. Some restaurant licenses are mandatory, while...Read more

What is PCI Compliance?

PCI stands for the Payment Card Industry and it is managed by the SSC, the Security Standards Council. Founded in 2007, this branch was created to manage credit card transactions and...Read more

What is an Accounting Information System?

An accounting information system (AIS) is a system that collects, stores and processes financial and accounting data, which are used by decision makers (in this case, restaurant owners/accountants) An AIS is...Read more

What is Restaurant POS Software?

Restaurant POS software (or EPOS for “electronic point of sale”) is the place where the customer transaction is completed. In a restaurant environment, the POS acts as a hub where servers...Read more

What Documents Do I Need For My Small Business Taxes?

Financial Statements Financial statements are a formal recording of all of your restaurant's financial activities. Your statement of financial position, also known as a balance sheet is including in your financial...Read more

What Are Product Price Fluctuations?

Product price fluctuation is the changes in food prices on the market. Food is one of the most unstable and fickle commodities in the world. Due to natural disasters, pests,...Read more

Restaurant Taxes You Need to Know About

If running a business isn't enough, there are a series of taxes restaurants must pay in order to be in good with the IRS, as well as state and city...Read more

Basic Restaurant Kitchen Equipment to Get Started

If you're thinking about opening a restaurant or you've already opened one,  you probably know that the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your business. The kitchen is...Read more

How to Create a Restaurant Staff Schedule

A restaurant staff schedule is often designed by the restaurant manager or managers and helps get the staff organized for the weeks ahead. In order to schedule restaurant staff efficiently,...Read more