Restaurants 101


Who Are the Biggest Restaurant Suppliers?

Whether your restaurant is farm-to-table or you are producing food in high volume, chances are as a restaurant owner or manager, you'll consider one of the bigger restaurant suppliers for...Read more

Three Numbers Every Restaurant Manager Should Know

Cost of Goods Sold  What it is:  Your Costs of Goods Sold takes into account the value of your inventory to tell you how much it costs to make a...Read more

What is Food Cost Variance?

Food cost variance is the difference between what you actually pay for your goods and what you expect to pay for your goods. Since transactions happen daily in a restaurant...Read more

What is Supplier Review?

Supplier review is a system created between a restaurant and their suppliers to supply feedback, data, and progress in order to enhance and secure the supplier restaurant relationship. Some suppliers...Read more

What is a Central Kitchen System?

A central kitchen (or commissary kitchen) is an internal facility that supplies a restaurant or branches under the same business.  Some restaurant chains or groups choose not purchase items such...Read more

What are the Key Features for a Restaurant POS System?

If you're running a restaurant, chances are you are using a POS system to perform all of your sales transactions. Although a POS system's most common function is to electronically...Read more

What is Prime Cost?

Prime cost in a restaurant is the cost of labor and the cost of food and beverage purchases. Unlike fixed costs, prime costs are costs that can be adjusted in order...Read more

How to Negotiate a Contract With Your Restaurant Supplier

We can’t stress enough the importance of your restaurant’s relationship with all of your suppliers. Since a restaurant depends on timing and quality to keep their business alive, your suppliers...Read more

What is a Market Basket Report?

A market basket report is consumer report that is used to define the Consumer Price Index on a certain products. The report is designed to keep track of prices of...Read more

What are the Different Types of Restaurant Suppliers?

Seafood Different seafood suppliers specialize in different types of seafood and each supplier sources their fish either locally or internationally. There are fish suppliers that only sell fresh seafood and...Read more

What Are the Qualities of a Good Restaurant Supplier?

Affordability: Since restaurants are a business and you are ultimately there to make money and grow, your suppliers products have to be affordable for your price point. The best way...Read more

What is Purchase Deviation Percent?

The Purchasing Deviation Percentage is defined as: the percentage difference between what you buy and what you sell. It can be calculated by subtracting what you sold from what you’ve purchased...Read more

What is Restaurant POS Software?

Restaurant POS software (or EPOS for “electronic point of sale”) is the place where the customer transaction is completed. In a restaurant environment, the POS acts as a hub where servers...Read more