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A tiny restaurant with a big personality and it will make all of your pizza dreams come true...

Pizza is arguably one of the best foods on earth. It is also one of the easiest foods to share with friends because, making it a staple meal for gatherings both big and small. Across the globe people dive into their favourite pies at home, in their favourite greasy joints, or in high-quality pizza parlours. For all the pizza lovers out there (so basically the entire world), Emmy Squared Pizza is a tiny restaurant with a big personality and it will make all of your pizza dreams come true. Emmy Squared has three locations, Brooklyn and the East Village in New York, and Nashville Tennessee.  Co-founders, Emily and Matt Hyland discovered their true love for pizza and each other simultaneously, making pizza the perfect food upon which to center their restaurant.

Emmy Squared is a tiny restaurant, with 42 seats in the dining room, 10 patio seats and 6 at the bar. While getting into this hot spot might be harder than your average pizza place, you can bet that its atmosphere alone is worth the wait. Since Emmy is such a small facility, in fact, some of the restaurant is in a refurbished shipping container, its environment is warm, inviting and makes you feel part of the family.

The food at Emmy exceeds expectations, so come hungry or you’ll regret it. Emmy specializes in Detroit-style pizza, which is why all of their pies are square-shaped and thick-crusted. But the ‘za is more than that; Emmy’s pizza, both red or white based, always boasts gooey cheese, the kind that is good quality and melts in your mouth. Every bite of Emmy’s pizza has the perfect crunchy-to-doughy ratio, sauce-to-cheese ratio, and the perfect punch of flavour.

One of Emmy’s sharing plates is “Okonomi Fries”, which are covered in mayo, BBQ sauce and bonito flakes; an unusual combination that makes you wonder, “where have you been all my life?”. Main dishes include “Le Big Matt,” a double-stacked burger that will have you drooling, Margarita pizza featuring fresh buffalo mozzarella, and the “Angel Pie,” a cheesy white pizza highlighting mushrooms and truffle cream. With the range of sharing plates like salads and fries, to main courses like decadent sandwiches and a variety of pizza, to desserts from Four & Twenty Blackbirds, Emmy’s menu has something for everyone and choosing what to eat there will be the toughest decision you make that day.

As if you don’t already have enough reasons to eat at Emmy Squared, it has also been praised by many, including Zagat, which awarded Emmy Squared as the “Best Restaurant in Williamsburg”. Additionally, Thrillist rated Emmy as one of “The Very Best Restaurants in Nashville Right Now,”  highlighting Emmy’s “inventive red and white pizzas”. Between its unique menu, outstanding pizzas and intimate atmosphere, it’s no wonder why everyone wants a taste of Emmy Squared.

* Photos courtesy of Emmy Squared.


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