7 Creative Ways to Entertain Your Restaurant Guests

Want guests to feel the love for your restaurant? Put fun on the menu.

More than just a good time, entertainment is a key loyalty driver for guests. A Facebook Loyalty Study asked 14,000 adults to describe brands and businesses they love most. The number one word used was “quality.” Number two? “Fun.” From theme nights to arcade games on restaurant tabletop tablets, these  ideas will raise your restaurant’s fun factor – and build loyalty along the way.

 A Taste of Fun

A great way to keep guests coming back on the regular is through an exclusive tasting experiences. These tasting experiences can be anything from:

  • Whiskey or Wine Tasting Club: Bring in a different distiller or rep each month, who provides tasting notes with every sip.
  • Distributors may offer discounts for promoting their brands.
  • Test Kitchen Team: Invite patrons to give feedback on new menu offerings.
  • Tap Takeover: Brew up repeat business. Making a monthly event out of tapping a new beer – look to local craft brewers is a great way to support your
  • Farm to Table Dinners: Team up with a local farm – create a menu featuring in-season ingredients.

Put Entertainment on Tap

Another way to keep guests entertained and engaged can be to offer opportunity to play some games. One such technology that facilitates a fun atmosphere are tabletop tablet arcades. These games are designed to connect guests through trivia games and are designed to entertain guests of all ages.

Theme Nights for the Win

Themed events are a wonderful way to be creative and to keep your customers excited. With so many fun ideas to cover, you can really go all out with themed events.

  • Carnival night: bring in a fortune teller, rent a popcorn machine, and run carnival games like a ring toss for prizes.
  • Adult prom: guests can rock their 1980s prom outfits and relive the magic…
  • Offbeat holiday: From a Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day party (September 16th) to Talk Like a Pirate Day, there are thousands of offbeat holidays waiting to be turned into a theme night.

Servers and Bartenders, Take the Stage!

There are several restaurants that have sparked their customers interest by bringing dish creation to the tableside. Table side guacamole prep to Instagram worthy antics of the the Salt Bae, making the guests feel like they have a part in the creative process, is both entertaining and eye catching.

  • Create menu items that include tableside prep: from Caesar salad to Saganaki, flaming Greek cheese.
  • Send your bartenders to “flair school” (online) to add drama to their drink-making.
  • Arm your servers with trick ketchup bottles that shoot a stream of red fabric.

Keep Fun in the Picture

As the Instagram world grows, use social media to your advantage by creating a space for customers to take photos in your restaurant. This space may include props, a custom backdrop with your restaurant’s logo and if you create an Instagram hashtag, guests can use it in their posts. This will not only entertain guests, but also promote your brand via social media, thus exposing your restaurant to potential customers.

Show You’ve Got Heart

According to the Edelman Good Purpose study, 72% of customers recommend businesses that support causes they care about. Support local charities through events such as hosting a live date auction with proceeds going to a charity, or initiate a trivia night in which local nonprofits compete against one another. Many restaurants are already loyal to charities close to them and some have even started their own foundations. Invite guests to suggest charities that they support and allow them to lead events at your restaurant to raise money.

A Lesson in Fun: Instructional Events

Sustainability and environmental awareness are popular topics in today’s society. Guests want to get their hands dirty, literally. Host an on-trend Plant Nite at your restaurant. The Plant Nite host provides supplies and instruction, then guests create a terrarium to take home. Or, try a Paint n’ Sip night where patrons can paint a masterpiece.

Today, guests are hungry for more than a meal. Find ways to build entertainment into every guest visit: whether it’s bringing in restaurant tabletop tablets or training the next Salt Bae. You’ll be rewarded with happy, loyal guests – and a healthy bottom line.

About the Author:

Buzztime has delivered on its mission statement for over three decades: bring the best in-venue entertainment to businesses – and the guests they serve. We achieve this by constantly evolving with new technology and integrating the latest trends into our in-demand products.




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