Growing Your Business: Integrating the Front and Back-of-House

How you can use technology to integrate your front and back of house to make your restaurant more efficient and profitable

Integrating the front and back of the house allows your restaurant to decrease time-to-table, increase profit margin, and provide the kind of exceptional service that keeps customers coming back.

Efficiency creates growth and the right impression

A modern point-of-sale system can help your staff make a great first impression with every customer by speeding up the most common customer pain points: ordering and payment processes.

Improve FOH efficiency for a seamless customer experience

By accepting a broad range of payment methods, a well-integrated restaurant POS makes the tipping process easier, ensuring guests are more likely to return. It also helps to improve your table turnover ratio. That improvement, coupled with a more seamless ordering process, add up to significant benefits for your customers.

Improve communication between the kitchen and waiters

A mobile POS allows your wait staff to enter orders right from the table. Since they’re instantly notified when an item has been 86’d, they can better inform the customer and take more accurate orders. The kitchen then receives the order instantly, which decreases time-to-table by 10 percent.  This also allows your restaurant to turn more tables and increase revenue.

Improve BOH efficiency to save money

Combining a POS with SimpleOrder back of house management platform, allows your entire restaurant ecosystem to communicate. The POS system knows how many people are ordering that ceviche special so that SimpleOrder knows when to order more. SimpleOrder also knows if the cost of shrimp in that ceviche increases to the point where it’s no longer profitable to sell it at the same price. Allowing SimpleOrder to integrate with your POS can help manage your online purchasing, automatic inventory, menu costing, central kitchen operations, and more.

Reporting and analytics increases efficiency

Every restaurant owner should how money is flowing in and out of the business, and have access to that data from anywhere. That’s why it’s essential to operate with cloud-based systems. You can’t be everywhere at once, but with tools like SimpleOrder and restaurant management platforms like Upserve, you can keep an eye on your restaurant from your couch or the beach.  

The secret to a more profitable business

Many eateries attempt to cut costs at the expense of the quality of their ingredients, but the final product can suffer as a result. SimpleOrder tracks and manages your restaurant inventory in real time, reducing waste and cutting costs. There’s even a built-in recipe calculator so that your team can cost their latest culinary creations while you keep an eye on the bottom line.

By taking a proactive approach to waste of time and resources, you’ll be able to create an efficient and profitable establishment that grows month over month. Combining that with the quality food and service that you’re already known is a recipe for success.


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