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Opening a restaurant can be creative, fun, and inspiring. You get to make food, build a concept, and host guests daily, which is all full of excitement, adrenaline and joy. But take into account all of the math involved in running a restaurant business and that’s what you call a buzzkill.

Math in a restaurant business? Yes, believe it or not running a restaurant involves a lot of math and it’s the kind of math that can be head spinning, time consuming, gut wrenching.

Whether it’s costing your menu, calculating your invoices or tracking your inventory, there is a lot of calculating that goes into staying up to date with your business and balancing your accounts.

We know that all of those calculations can be dreadful, so here at SimpleOrder we want to take that burden off your shoulders. For this reason, SimpleOrder created Food Cost and Purchase versus Sales Reports. These two reports will tell you everything you need to know about keeping your restaurant business profitable and will help you to guide your restaurant to success.

Here’s how these reports can transform your restaurant operations:

Purchase vs. Sales Report

Once you count your inventory and sync your POS system to your SimpleOrder account, SimpleOrder will provide you with Purchase vs. Sales Reports. You can set this report for any time period you’d like and for any category of items of your choice.

This informative report, will give you exact counts of what you have ordered, what you have in stock and will indicate any deviation.

This information alone can save your business a substantial amount of money a month, because if there is any wastage, theft, or over portioning issues, you can catch it immediately before it gets out of hand. With this information, you can locate problems right away, specify what is causing them and resolve them.

Food Cost Report

Another invaluable report for your restaurant business is the Food Cost Report. This report looks at the total value of your beginning inventory for any time period of your choice ( year, month, week or day) , adds your purchases for the same period, subtracts your ending inventory and divides it by your sales to indicate your Costs of Goods Sold.

This figure is crucial for your restaurant business because it will reveal how much money you’re earning in relation to how much you spend on your goods.

This will help you determine if you are pricing your menu items correctly and if there is any significant deviation between what you are spending vs. what you are making. Best of all, if your account is synced with your POS system, all you have to do is count your beginning inventory and the rest is done for you!

Math is no fun and we don’t want you to drag your feet through your business calculating numbers, working out equations, and double checking your math. Let SimpleOrder do the work for you! Let us save you time and effort, by grabbing all your figures, calculating them and giving you the insights in easy to read reports. We’ll do the busy work for you, so you can focus on your business. In your restaurant you should be able to have your cake and eat it too!

Featured Photo: Creative Commons Photo Courtesy of rawpixel.com

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