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SimpleOrder is easy-to-use restaurant inventory management software, designed to optimize and streamline Back-of-House restaurant operations. The cloud-based platform and apps feature online purchasing, automatic inventory, menu costing, central kitchen operations, POS integration and more.

“SimpleOrder has made it possible for us reduce costs at store level and for the overall company. It’s helped us reduce food cost by 5%.”

Desi Saran, Owner Sweetberry Bowls | New Jersey
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Full Control for your Back of House Operations in One Simple Platform

  • Real-time Food Costing
  • Automatic Inventory
  • Online Purchasing
  • Returns and Credit Tracking
  • Chain Profile
  • Central Kitchen / Commissary
  • Recipe Costing
  • Sales Integration
  • Waste Tracking & Control
  • Purchase vs Sales Analysis
  • Dedicated Mobile Apps
  • Accounts Integration


Reduce costly food waste and boost your restaurant's profits with online purchasing, menu costing & restaurant inventory management software. Learn more


Ensure purchasing and menu unity across your chain to maximize buying potential. Operate a Central Kitchen / Commissary. Learn more


Increase sales, manage customer relationships and reduce operational costs. Save hours of staff time spent on paperwork. Learn more

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